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Consignment Contract 2016

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If you are a craftsperson and are interested in placing work at Crafts People, please peruse the following consignment contract and see if it fits your needs. If so, kindly send some photos/slides of your work, prices, and some info about  you and your work.
If we feel that your work would make a contribution to our  gallery, we will send you references and ask that you UPS/FED EX some work to us.
We look forward to hearing from you. We are always excited to have new work in our gallery.



Crafts People
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Consignment Contract 2015

All consigned work must be original in design and made by the consignee.
  • The craftsperson establishes retail prices. In the event of sale, the craftsperson receives 60% of the established price.
  • Crafts People is responsible for payment within 45 days of sale. Checks will be sent to the craftsperson directly. No phone calls to check on sales or inventory will be accepted.
  • The craftsperson should keep his inventory by pricing accordingly. Checks will be sent listing prices only (i.e. $225 $220=$445x60%=267). By having varied prices, the craftsperson can check his list and see what specifically sold. Please vary prices by a minimum of 25 cents.
  • Prices can not be lowered after a period of time.We encourage the craftsperson to give us the best possible price at the time of delivery.
  • Items left on consignment will have no identifying label other than the artist's signature or name.
  • Pick up and delivery must be done during advertised shop hours. The craftsperson should deliver items packed in a disposable carton. Each item must be clearly marked with its retail price.
  • A descriptive list of the items with the retail prices should be in the carton; please use the "consignment list" form. Please complete the form in full with each delivery/pickup.
  • Should the consignee live at a distance, work can be shipped UPS or FedEx.
  • Framed flat work must have a facility for hanging (i.e. picture wire for hanging).



  • The craftsperson agress that he wil not undersell or consign similar items for less than the retail price he establishes at Crafts People.
  • The craftsperson accepts responsibility for shop wear (i.e. soiling, etc).
  • Crafts People is responsible for the consignment value of the delivery due to any and all losses (i.e. fire, theft, loss, etc.).
  • Crafts People does not accept consignment from mid-November through reopening in the spring (please check "hours.")
  • All consignment accounts should be "zeroed" once a year. Each consigned item should be accounted for and any necessary adjustments of payment will be made at this time. Crafts People will not be responsible for inventory left over one year.
  • The total retail value of a consignor's work at Crafts People must be limited to $1500 or less or 8 pieces (if items are expensive such as 14K pins).There is a $850 maximum for beaded jewelry. Items can be taken and replaced all during the year to stay within this maximum.



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Consignment List 2016

For a copy of the consignment list that must accompany your items, please go to this link: Consignment List


Please do not send craft items until you have sent photos/slides/prices and have received an invitation to join Crafts People.